Our Services

Primarily, our services are geared for fundraising to our primary goal: the setup and operation of our primary business.

However, we also accept that in being of service, our primary business is not functional. Therefore, we need to define clearly what we do, and why.

The goal in being of service is not simply to make money; it's to cultivate relationships with others in the business community so that when we do begin to be able to go into business, we are connected. These connections—and the relationships they create—are always about ensuring that the public is served. Professionalism isn't just about making money, or every con artist could be considered a professional. Instead, professionalism is about making your living while providing something the community as a whole needs.

Therefore, the services we offer seek to provide things attractive to our future aims in becoming a laser tag facility.

What We Offer

We offer the following service (prices are somewhat negotiable, though such negotiation may be limited for some services)

Electronics Repair Our microsoldering services include things like cell phone repair, but also computer hardware. In general, our prices are low for this service. But if something doesn't work after we return it to you, we'll fix our mistakes for free! So far, we haven't given out any free mistake fixes. But if it happens, we'll keep a tally.
Delicate Pick-Up & Delivery While others offer speedy delivery (which really, almost everyone can do), we specialize in safe delivery of relatively delicate cargo, provided the weight is less than 200 lbs. and the volume is less than 6 cubic feet (about what will fit into a car's trunk). Regrettably, this does not include living things such as people or animals, as we're not licensed for live transport. If what you need is special care within the Wasatch Front area, this service is for you. NOTE: We do insist on knowing what the cargo is, to prevent illicit trafficking.
Graphic Design We offer free and low-cost design services to new businesses (less than 3 years), and reasonable rates for established businesses (more than 3 years). This includes stationery, signage, logo design, and other traditional graphic design services, as well as packaging and simple industrial design.
Web Hosting Yep, that's right: web hosting. We operate servers from multiple providers that include a full range of possibilities, typically operating on a Linux platform with PHP/MySQL, Java, JSON, Ruby, and other similar technologies available as options. While we're not the cheapest, we do offer more services than anyone around.
Web Design We can not only host your web site, we can create one for you! The design process for a "from scratch" web site is typically less than 30 days, during which a temporary web server is operating.
Web Development There are certainly more options out there than anyone wants to think about. But we can help you develop a web-based application that meets your specific needs, within a pricing structure that is not only reasonable, it's even affordable! (I know, right?)

Please inquire about other services if you feel they could be related.