Laser Tag Equipment

Our laser tag equipment is still in the early development stages.


The weapons of the laser tag game come in four "flavors":

That "other" category has had a few innovations in the past 30 years, but none that really stuck. One of the pieces we hope to eventually produce is a laser sword—calling call Jedi!


The clothing for laser tag comes in just four "flavors" as well:

Once again that "other" category doesn't get much attention, so we're going to create some gear that people aren't really consdering at the moment.

Arena Equipment

Arena equipment comes in more variety than most of the others:

In this case, the "other" category has a good variety. The real issue is getting different systems to be able to talk to one another enough to play well. We're still decades from that, at least.


Accessories are things we would often need for the success of any business in the industry. They might include things like:

The truth is, the accessories are more often the innovations added than within the equipment itself.

Our Innovations

We hope to be able to innovate in the following areas:

We understand that some people like the "heft" on their laser tag weapons, but our aim isn't to make a realistic war simulation; it's to get people moving and yet have comfortable equipment that doesn't hold back those who have mobility issues.

We have more than 200 items on our project lists that need doing. Our belief is that many of these can be overcome with just a few minor "tweaks" to the system.

We hope the system meets with everyone's expectations when it's complete.